Wednesday, January 10, 2018

part 2 of the last 2 years in bullet points

Greetings readers,

Continuing my post about the last 2 years:

  • We have also inherited another cat (apart from Ettie and Minnie), it happened as we noticed a stray cat hanging around our house, and my Mom befriended her, she wouldn't come in at first as Lassie (granny's dog we were minding) was there but when she died the cat made herself at home in our house. We're not sure how old she is but we reckon about 4 or 5 or maybe older. We're unsure of her name but we named her 'Chaddy', here she is :
  • About a year and a bit ago himself came back into my life, I was a bit wary at first as I didn't want to jinx myself but all good so far. We try to meet up on the weekends.
  • Regarding my migraines, 2017 was quite a bad year for them, and when I mean bad, I mean bad, at my worst, I was having them daily and getting sick with them, along with stomach troubles. From December to April I was constantly having migraines, and for the rest of the year I was trying some different things to improve them which include medications, taking out lactose out of my diet which I tried for 5 months (I also suspected I was lactose intolerant but came up negative), taking medications at different times instead of all together and giving up coca cola (shock horror!) all with varying amounts of success. By October I was so sick of being sick that I decided to come home to my folk's house for some TLC for a while to get them under control. As it stands at the moment I'm still in my folk's house (I go back to my apartment now and again but spend the majority of my time here). My migraines have greatly improved I'm glad to say, the intensity of them has gone down and I'm sick with them far less than I have been. I think we've established that my migraines are due to some stress and not being in a routine, which helps. I hope to go back to my apartment full time this year, my folks and I have set out a plan to ease me gradually back which I am starting soon. 
  • Regarding my tummy 2017 also wasn't a great year for it, but like my migraines, it has improved greatly as well. I still get the odd bad day with it but not as much as I was
  • I still use boards on a daily basis, I rarely post on the public bits of boards now, but I found a private bit of boards which is now my home (aka favourite place on boards). I'm still in contact with J and I went to another meet up in Dublin in 2016 which was a lovely day. I hope to make another one :) 
  • I still do my autism presentations every few months, I have one coming up next month, the presentation is far longer than it was as I added a q & a  section to it (questions and answers). I'm getting the impression that I'm becoming known/famous for the presentations as its always very highly spoken of and when I go into town people say hi to me who I don't know (I don't really pay attention to the audience as I find it makes me more nervous). One of the highlights was doing the presentation for UCC in 2016.It was class!
  • And last but not least I updated the pages of the blog, some things have changed for me on the bucket list page as I no longer want a job. I found out work wasn't suited to me by accident when I was on work experience in my time in college when I made a mistake and ended up having a panic attack in the back room. Not fun. The idea of work is stressful for me so I'm happy enough:). I also took out swimming with dolphins as I'm not a fan of water, and I added getting a tattoo, designing a website and a forum to the list. I also took off my twitter as I don't use it
So that's all for now, if I think of more things to update I'll write another post, maybe I'll write here more regularly or do an annual post of my year, who knows?!


Insomanic x 

Friday, January 5, 2018

the last 2 years in bullet points

Hello all,

It seems like an age since I was here last, a friend a mine suggested updating this so without further ado here is what I've been doing for the last two years:

  • In September of last year, I finished up my college course after 2 and a half years, I was sorry to leave as I really liked the place and the people but I knew I couldn't stay forever, it was well worth doing though, I'm very pleased I managed to achieve the course.
  • I'm now in a day centre for people with ASD/people who don't like noise and fuss, it's quite difficult to describe as its not school/work/college but the aim of the place is to do activities you enjoy (based on your interests) but without any pressure. I did a translation period of a few months when I was in college to help me settle in and get used to the place (I started out with one day a week to 2 days a week before finally starting in September). I now do 4 days a week, I do cooking and go out to the library on a Tuesday, on a Wednesday we go out to a cafe, on a Thursday I attend their house meetings (where they discuss issues/what's happening in the place), and Monday has yet to be decided as we recently finished a 10 week computer course). The place itself is quite small and quiet, with 22 service users coming in different days and 4 staff members. Settling in took time and was stressful but I seem to have settled into a routine there now. Can't complain anyway :) 
  • As for writing I got up to 170k words of my book which is fantastic, but I was quite sick in 2017 (migraines, tummy), so my book was put on hiatus for a while. I hope to get back to it properly this year and get my first draft finished. I reckon it's about 70% finished so here hoping I can do it :) This is what my manuscript looks like printed out (the most recent one on the right)

  • One of my bucket list items came true and I got a cat!!!!! Actually ended up with 2 of them as I explain. Last April when my sickness was at it's worst the college suggested taking a month off (which was a brilliant idea as I really needed it). Before I took the break my sis suggested spending time with her in Dublin and she got the bright idea of fostering kittens while on my time off. I was excited by the idea as I really like cats but at the same time, I was curious as we didn't know how young or old they were or what was their background. When I got my break I went up to Dublin and I agreed to my sis's suggestion. My sis contacted the DSPCA and had to fill out a form but once that was done they sent out a weekly email with details of kittens/cat they had for people to foster. The first few emails weren't suitable for us but in the second week (I think) they sent us an email saying that 2 six old kittens were due to arrive and asked if that was suitable for us to foster them. We both jumped at the chance and we collected them that afternoon. They both were sisters, six weeks old and quite simply adorable! Me and my sis minded them for 2 weeks which was very enjoyable and sometimes hard, it was enjoyable as I like cats, they were cute and very funny. But at the same time, it was hard as they were very nervous at first so you couldn't pet them at first..but they came round :) The week they were to go back something granny's dog that my folks were minding died which was sad, but in that same week my sis suggested that rather than giving the kittens back, that my sis takes them permanently and when my folks were ready we move them down to tipp. We named them Ettie and Minnie. Ettie and Minnie lived in Dublin for 10 months before moving to Tipp nearly 2 weeks ago. Legally we put my sis's name down as an owner but technically they are mine, they live in my folk's house as I can't have pets in my apartment. Here is what they look like:

This is turning into an essay of a post so I'll break my updates into parts,

Talk soon,

Insomanic x 

Sunday, December 27, 2015

life update

Howdy hi readers (I love that saying)

Hope everyone is well.

I've been very busy in the last few months, busy as a bee! I thought I'd blog and give you a short update on what's been happening with me

Here's what's new with me these days :

  • I'm about 9 or 10 months into my course in college( will be there a year in March), I think it's going well. I quite like the work as it's not too easy or hard and seems to suit me in the way I work. My classmates and tutors seem to be quite nice and friendly. I think it's one of the best things that I've done :)
  • I'm delighted to say that I'm making headway with my book, finally! I've been working away on it over the last few months. It's now a 48 thousand word document :D::D I'm delighted with the progress made on it so I am. There's nothing more satisfying than being stuck on it for a long time and finally being able to make progress on it. My heartbreak gave me the inspiration for it as I felt terrible and the writing got me through the most difficult period of my life. Back in February, it was just a series of documents and now it's all coming together to make a proper manuscript. I feel quite positive about it now, although there are niggling doubts I'm not good enough etc, I'm gonna get it written first and cross the bridge about everything else when I have it finished. It's not easy, though. Nobody told me it would be this hard! 
  • I got to see Hozier play live!! I was planning to see him in London, got the tickets and all and went over there with my sis. Sadly on the day on the concert, Hozier was sick and the concert had to be postponed. I wasn't a happy camper but thankfully by chance he was playing in Dublin a few weeks later, and I decided to go. It was a part of a three-day festival when he was playing, so I decided to go to one of the days. As a first festival experience for me, it wasn't half bad, well worth the wait to see Hozier. I did enjoy London too despite the bummer. I hope to make one of his indoor concerts at some stage
  • My granny wasn't well during the year, she suffered a stroke, it was a very scary time for us all, but thankfully she survived (think someone is looking out for her!)
  • Sadly we lost Pepsi during the year, she was getting very old and very fragile, so it was the kindest thing to do. I do miss her, but I think she had quite a good life, have many fond memories of her!
  • Earlier in the month I went to a dinner dance on my own in a hotel, the college had a Christmas party for the students, I honestly didn't know what to expect, but I quite enjoyed myself, even got dressed up! I'm quite proud of going cos there was no way I'd have gone on my own last year!
  • I still have my broadband in my apartment, still quite happy with it
  • Not doing as much reading as I'd like but read now and again.
  • I'm not watching movies/tv programmes as much as I'd like, my book has been taking up most of my focus this year. Will catch up eventually
So there you have it! My run down of the year. 2015 has been hard in some ways, but overall it's been a great year. Hope to make 2016 even better!

Hope you all had a great year,

Back when I can,

Insomniac x 

Saturday, June 27, 2015


For the readers who don't follow me on Facebook, I posted this on my blog page last night:

Hi peeps!
You may have noticed I haven't been blogging recently, but not to worry, all well in insomanic's land, I've been crazy busy lately since starting back in college. Also I'm focusing more so on the book nowadays, it's coming along nicely now. I've felt 'struck' on the book over the last two years but now that things have changed in my life my creativity seems to have been unleashed! It's a little odd as my mind is always on writing and I'm writing a lot , but it feels great grin emoticon
Anyway just a quick note to say hi and I haven't vanished off the face of the earth

Back when I can,

Insomniac x 

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

nearly caught up!

Howdy fellow readers,

I think I'm nearly caught up on blogging now.  So here's a general update:

  • It's nearly mid week, yay! god the year is flying ain't it!
  • I've got back into reading, I finished off the book I was reading called 'last chance soloan' and on the next book which is 'sushi for beginners' by 'maran keyes'. I'm only a few pages in but good so far.
  • My sleep pattern is better than it used to be, as I'm busy during the week I'm very tired at the right time so I usually am asleep quite quickly. I have a bad night now and again but not too frequent
  • My migraines and tummy upsets are less frequent too I'm glad to say, I had a migraine at the weekend, put on my hat and it was gone within a few hours, and I took no medication, yay! I think it works, I wish I'd known about it sooner! I haven't been sick with a migraine for about 8 weeks so a big improvement. In terms of my tummy, I have pains now and again but the running to the loo has improved. 
  • I'm just over a month in college now, think it's going well :) I'm getting up and going in each morning which is a major feat for me as I'm not a morning person. Doing new things such as a 5k walk, baking and gardening (yes you read that right!). Finding it hard to ask for help and talk to people as my confidence has taken a knock but it's coming back slowly. I'm enjoying it so far anyway :) 
  • 8 weeks single at the weekend, I'm finding it gets easier as time goes on although I have good and bad days. I spoke to someone about it in college as it was on my mind and they could tell something was up, it was good to get it off my chest. Sometimes feel a bit lonely but friends and family have been great.
  • I've also decided to take up knitting! My mom asked me ages ago and I thought about it, and decided to give it a shot. I think it would be a good way to unwind after college/in the evenings. We start this week with a hat or a small square, something simple!
So that's it for today,

I have maybe one or two posts to do and then all caught up

Back soon, 

Insomniac x 

Friday, April 24, 2015

update #10

Howdy again fellow readers,

So I didn't get to do a blog post in the last few days, doing college full time is exhausting! But I'm free for the weekend now and intend on catching up on some blogging/writing. Onwards with today's post.. I don't think I actually mentioned this here, I know I said that we hoped to go to London and that got cancelled. Well my luck turned around! A last minute concert date for Hozier was announced back in February, and I was lucky enough to get tickets! Woooo!!!!!! I got up insanely early on the day the tickets were going on sale, waited very patiently until 9am, then when 9am came I refreshed ticket master and to my utter shock I got through. I couldn't believe it, like 

So it's back on! At the moment our plans are to go for 4 days, the 1st to the 4th of June, go to the cat cafe and go to the Hozier concert. Our flights and accommodation etc aren't booked yet and who is coming with me isn't quite organised yet...still a lot to do but we should know more next week (all going well)

Quite excited for this trip! 

So that's it for today, I know, short and sweet

Back soon,

Insomniac x

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

update #9

Hello again fellow readers,

I'm trying out writing during the weekdays, in the hope I'll get back to writing full time. I wanna get my book finished! (eventually)

As promised my post about the migraine support group, so before the college & break up happened (I've been trying to keep these posts in date in which they happened, but I forgot about this one, sorry) I was suffering a lot with my migraines, I used to get 1 or 2 a week, depending on things, sometimes more. Looking back on this now, I realise it was probably caused by being unhappy and the stress and strain of that, probably caused by a very up and down sleeping pattern as well. Anyway on this particular day, I had a an awful migraine, I mean, throwing- up- a -few -times- kind- of- one. Afterwards when I was feeling ok and was able to function again, my Mom asked me to look up the Migraine Association for a bit of help and support as my migraines were out of control.

I did that, and found nothing new that I didn't know before about migraines but did happen to find by accident that support groups for migraine were coming to my area for the first time. I was surprised, putting it mildly, but Mom and I decided to go on to it and see what the story was.

On the first night of the meeting (it turned out to be 3 meetings in total each week on a Thursday evening) I was quite nervous... I didn't know what to expect at all. I had visions of 200 people turning up or something like that. But I also was quite excited. The meeting actually turned out to be 6 people in total (5 suffers or family members of suffer and 1 professional) small and imitate, nice! The 6 people were all different in age (I was the youngest, if I recall correctly) location and how bad their migraines were. 

The first meeting was basically an overview of what migraine was, some of the symptoms and how it affects people. And also to meet the people there. Everyone shared their story, some were way worse than myself, and I felt so sorry for them, also I could relate to an awful lot of stuff they were saying about their symptoms and how they felt. I kinda was going to myself 'yes! that is exactly what's it like etc'. When it came to my turn my Mom acted as a 'spokesperson' for me as I'm not good with groups. She basically gave a brief overview of my migraines and how they affected me, what I've tried in terms of meds etc. Then the professional gave us all handouts and went through it about what migraine was. I found out nothing new, apart from one thing, I find that when I get a migraine my back of my neck is quite sore and apparently that is quite a common thing, so I didn't know that. Thought it was just me! Then we finished up for the evening.

The second meeting was mostly about medication options, it was quite an interesting evening. As I found out there was some stuff we hadn't considered at all, so we'll see what happens. For the moment I'm monitoring them, and might go down to the migraine clinic in Cork down the line to see about options if they are still troublesome 

The third evening I actually didn't attend as that was the week of the break up, college, and presentation so I was quite laid up and feeling miserable with a migraine! My Mom went along on my behalf (thank you Mom) and she came home with a bunch of handouts and papers. Apparently it was about different kind of therapy's to help/prevent migraine.

I really don't want to potentially curse myself but for the moment my migraines are ok, they are less frequent than they were (which is a welcome relief). I get a few a month, with a few weeks break in-between so not too bad.   

At one of the meetings I heard one woman say that she had this hat for when you have a migraine, called ' migra-cap'. Straight away I thought 'huh?' but apparently its a cap/hat with gel bits filled in random parts of the hat (mostly where the migraine might be) that are cold and it's very tight so it gives deep pressure. I straight away thought 'I have to get myself one of those!' and then everything with college etc happened so I kinda forgot about it for a while. I remembered again recently, went looking in the shops on my time off but couldn't find it anywhere. I ended up getting it on Amazon, believe it or not! Amazon has everything! 

Anyway this is it: 

So far so good, I've only had one migraine since I got the thing, and it certainly helped. Only time will tell it does the job without me taking painkillers (I did take something for my migraine as it was a bad one) but I'm willing to try it out and feeling positive about it :)

So that my update for today,

Next up, my trip to London!

Be back soon (hopefully tomorrow)

Insomniac x